[1. Visa application]
Q: Can I apply for a visa to Japan at present?
A: Our library is normally working abroad and can apply.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia patients, people who issue passports in Hubei or Zhejiang Province, and those who have visited China in Hubei or Zhejiang and Korea, Iran and Italy within 14 days before the visit can not accept their applications.
Q: The agency is not open. Can you apply directly to the embassy for a visa to Japan?
A: Individuals can not apply directly to our library. Visa to Japan must be applied through the agency designated by our library.
[2. on visa issuance]
Q: The application for visa to Japan has been submitted through the agency. When can I get the results?
A: Due to the current epidemic situation, our library is more cautious in the process of visa examination, so including the applications that have been accepted, the examination time will be longer than usual, and the date of the issue cannot be determined.
Q : In case of an accident (emergency, accident, etc.) of relatives in Japan, they need to rush to Japan immediately. Can I get a visa?

A: Please call our visa special telephone (010-6532-2007) for consultation .
[3. about whether it is possible to enter Japan]
Q: The passport is issued in Hubei Province, or Zhejiang Province, but has not been to Hubei province or Zhejiang Province in recent years. Can I apply for a visa to Japan?
A: The passport is issued by personnel from Hubei or Zhejiang Province. Even if they do not stay in the above provinces, they are not allowed to enter Japan in principle.
[4. on cancellation of visa]
Q: Currently, the results of the visa review are waiting for Japan, but they need to go to other countries due to emergencies. They hope to cancel their visa application and retrieve their passports.
A: Please contact the agency and designated travel agency to apply for cancellation. After processing, our library will return the passport to the agency designated travel agency, and propose that it will take a certain time to cancel the passport back. If there is an emergency, please submit the Cancellation Application to the agency as soon as possible.
[5. extension of validity of visa]
Q: The planned plan for Japan was cancelled. Can I extend the validity of the obtained visa to Japan?
A: The validity of the visa cannot be extended.
[6. visa fee]

Q: Due to the cancellation of the plan to Japan , the visa has not been used. Can you refund the visa fee?
A: The visa fee (200 yuan per time and 400 yuan for several times) collected by our library for the obtained visa is not refundable. For the agency fee charged by other agencies, please consult the agency directly.
[7. Measures for visa invalidation implemented on March 9]
Visas issued by Japanese embassies in China (including Hong Kong), South Korea and Consulate General (single, multiple) issued before March 8 are temporarily invalid (the period is likely to be extended) between March 9 and the end of March.
Q: What type of visa is the measure for? Are short-term and long-term visas included?
A: The measure includes all types of visas. Diplomatic and official visas are also included.
Q: I hold a retention card, and temporarily return to China after Japan has applied for permission to re-enter the country. Is it within the scope of the scope of this measure?
A: The measure does not include persons who are allowed to return temporarily with permission from the re-entry state. However, in principle, no entry is allowed if they hold passports issued by Hubei and Zhejiang provinces, and those who have visited the restricted areas 14 days ago or who have planned to visit the restricted areas.
Q: My visa expires at the end of March. After the measure is over, we plan to visit Japan. Can the visa be extended? Do you need to apply for a visa again? If you re apply for a visa, do you need to prepare the application materials again and pay the visa fee?
A: The validity of the visa cannot be extended. After the measure is over, if the visa has expired when entering Japan, it is necessary to apply for a new visa, prepare the application materials and pay new visa fees. Please consult the agency or travel agency directly about whether new agency fees need to be paid.
Q: After the measure is over, is the visa previously obtained available?
A: After the end of the measure (the implementation period may be extended), if the visa is still in effect, it can be used.
After March 9, the personnel entering Japan from China and South Korea need to stay at the designated place for 14 days. Please consult the Ministry of health and health labor directly about the specific detention objects and places .
Hotline +81-3-3595-2176 (Chinese response)
Opening time: 9:00-21:00 (Japan time, also on Saturday and Sunday)
[8. persons holding the qualification certificate to apply for a visa]
Q: I have obtained the certificate of qualification for studying abroad and working, and submitted visa application to the embassy, but I have been waiting for the examination results. If the validity period of the certificate expires within 3 months, should the certificate be reapplied?
A: under the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the validity of the certificate of eligibility certificate will be extended from 3 months to 6 months in the absence of a valid visa and entry into the certificate of validity. Within 6 months of the issuance of the certificate of retention qualification, the applicant may apply for entry with the certificate.
[9. personnel preparing for long-term study]
Q: For the freshmen who study in Japan this spring, if they can't catch up with the original time for the opening, what measures will be taken?
A: On March 6, the Ministry of science of Japan issued a notice to universities to ask for supplementary courses, flexible measures (delay, etc.) on selecting courses, etc. in view of the situation that the students who were originally scheduled to go to Japan this spring could not go to Japan within the scheduled time. The necessary countermeasures for study were discussed.
For specific measures of each university, please consult the university planning to study abroad.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia student who was originally scheduled to go to Japan in April will be delayed by the new crown pneumonia outbreak or will be changed to the change in the payment period during the scholarship to Japan in the autumn. The scholarship may also be flexibly changed.