Remember the fire telephone number of the country where you work, and report to the police for help in case of fire. At the same time, actively carry out self-help, try to lower your body when escaping from fireworks, it is best to crawl along the corner, and cover your mouth and nose with wet towel. When you have to go through the fire to escape, you should put on wet clothes or blankets, quilts, etc. to get out of the fire quickly.
    When escaping from the building below the third floor, you can fasten the rope or bed sheet and curtain on the doors, windows and balcony to slide down. Or use strong bamboo pole, outdoor solid drainage pipe to escape. If the escape route is blocked, return to the room without fire immediately, plug the door with cloth, and pour water on the door to cool down. At the same time, throw sofa cushion, pillow and other soft objects or other small objects out of the window to send out a distress signal, and send out a distress signal through a flashlight at night.

    When a fire breaks out in a public gathering place, it is necessary to follow the command and evacuate to the nearest emergency exit. Do not panic and crowd to cause casualties. When moving forward in the crowd, keep in line with the crowd, don't surpass others, and don't retrograde. If you are pushed to the ground, you should first maintain a prone position, hold the back of your head tightly with your hands, support the ground with your elbows, and keep your chest away from the ground, so as to avoid being trampled. If conditions permit, you should get up and escape quickly.
    In case of fire in high-rise building, wet quilt and other materials should be used as cover to evacuate downstairs quickly and orderly. The stairs and emergency evacuation passageways should be selected to escape from the fire. If necessary, knot ropes for self rescue, or skillfully use the terrain to escape by building drainage pipes, adjacent balconies and stairs. In the case of no way to escape, to the outdoor balcony, roof platform for rescue. You can't escape by elevator.

    When there is a fire, you should quickly escape from the car body. If the line on the car is burnt out and the door cannot be opened, you can break the window and get out of the car to escape. If the door has been opened but sealed by the fire, and the window is not easy to get down due to the large number of people, you can use clothes to cover your head and rush out from the door.
    When there is a fire in the subway, the mobile phone and the emergency button in the carriage should be used to give an alarm, and the dry powder fire extinguisher in the carriage should be used to put out the fire. If self rescue is impossible, follow the command and escape in an orderly and safe way. Don't yell, panic or jump out of the window of a moving train.